Author Topic: HP Washing /HP振替え

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June 26, 2017, 10:19:39 am
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As you know, this server has a different system of hp washing.
So this is the guide for hp washing in this server.

1 Required item
2 How to wash
3 Details

1 Required item
AP reset.
You don't need INT.
You don't need MP.

2 How to wash
-Add only 1 AP to HP
[size=10]**note** Do not add more than 1 AP to your HP. If you added 1 already but can't reset MP/HP, try leveling up more until the button becomes clickable.
[/size]-Use AP reset and change your MP to HP.
When you finish washing, reset your MP to your stat.

if you reset your mp to stats such as str/dex/luk/int, you will reach a point where you cant minus your MP anymore.
When this happens, just add 1 fresh AP to your HP, and you can finally reset with your MP again unlimittedly unless you reset it to stat such as str/int/dex/luk again.

3 Details
When you change your MP to HP, the amount of HP you can get is different depends on your job.
The skills that gives you extra hp when you add health like Max hp increase doesn't affect.(Skill is working for bonus hp for level up.)
However you can buy Ap reset for 2100 NX, 2 Event tokens or mesos.

Beginner  HP+8
Warrior HP+20
Magician HP+6
Bowman HP+16
Thief HP+16
Pirate HP+18

You don't need worry about minimum mana.

Even it says it will decrease 8 mana, you don't lose mana  :D

Enjoy all!

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